Air conditioners with inverter on the market relatively recently. And one of the main producers of high-quality inverter air conditioners is the Japanese company Panasonic. What are the different types of Panasonic inverter air conditioner, what are their characteristics and how they can be purchased, we discuss in our article.


Inverter air conditioners Panasonic − general features of all split systems Inverter split system Panasonic works as follows: the alternating current is converted into a constant that can be adjusted. This principle is Central to the work of inverting the engine, whereby the air conditioning Panasonic inverter can smoothly change the degree of cooling and heating in the room. While these air conditioners feature a Powerful regime. Using this mode, the equipment can operate at an increased power level, which is usually above the nominal 30%. Thus, the room quite quickly it reaches the desired temperature. Another feature that we have all inverter air conditioners Panasonic (Malaysia – the place of production), is a spiral scroll-compressor. Its advantage is that the degree of efficiency is always constant. For example, a simple rotary compressors wear as start to lose efficiency. In other words, even after 10 years of service Panasonic air-conditioners will be as effectively cool the air and heat it in the room. Inverter air conditioning brand Panasonic function in the mode in which eliminated the constant stopping and resuming his work. For example, conventional air conditioning only operates when the compressor. In this case one will be able to warm up the room to the desired temperature. With regard to conditioners with inverters, they can reduce the level of performance, thus maintaining the optimal microclimate in the room. Panasonic air conditioners (on the official site are all the models with inverter) have another important benefit. It comes to quick power conditioner at the time when the equipment has reached the right level of work. That is, its advantage is in the fact that the level of such quick power conditioner with inverter in 2 times lower in comparison with the conventional device. And as a result, in the inverter air overcool significantly less. For comparison: ordinary equipment generates airflow at a temperature of 8-12 degrees Celsius. And inverter air conditioner at this point only works on the maintenance of reached the room temperature. In this case, the airflow temperature is 13-15 degrees. Note — similar to a split system run virtually silent with high capacity and low energy consumption, robust and have long life. Panasonic air-conditioners (on the website can be ordered with different inverter) have a wide model line that allows you to choose the right equipment for every taste. Inverter air conditioner Panasonic: series and popular model Popular 4 series of split systems inverter type, each of them presents a large selection of models. We look at the most popular of them all.

Panasonic inverter air conditioning series “Standard” Inverter air conditioners “Panasonic Standard” are wall-mounted split systems that operate on cooling and heating. And they have built-in modes: ventilation, soft dehumidification, fast cooling, low noise. Such conditioning is highly effective and available to the ordinary consumer. Panasonic inverter air conditioner series “Standard” is equipped with a deodorizing filter, whereby a comfortable microclimate in the apartment, home or office is provided with: the air is instantly cleared from unpleasant odors. This filter has a panel that is easy to remove, wash and replace.