Panasonic inverter air conditioner series Deluxe Air conditioning with inverter “Panasonic Deluxe” is wall-mounted split systems, which work on the cooling and heating of air in a room. Wall split-system Panasonic series Deluxe is compact equipment with high performance and low noise to create comfortable atmosphere in the home, apartment and other premises. Panasonic inverter air conditioner series “Deluxe high efficiency at low cost energy and improved system e-ion APS air purification. And he also has a Patrol Sensor (sensor air pollution) and the function of removing unpleasant smells.

This air conditioner is the heat exchanger protected from harmful effects of rain, salt air, and other factors, which cause corrosion, which ensures a longer life of three times. In addition, all models of split-systems of this series have long and wide guide vanes, removable and washable panel. A large number of operating modes provides comfort to the consumer: function MAXIMIZE (optimal energy savings), Super Quiet (noise level – 21 dB), Powerful (increased airflow capacity). And also modes of quick cooling or heating, MildDry and ventilation. Air conditioning control is carried out using the remote control with LCD display. Sought after models of the Deluxe series are:• CS/CU-E7MKD• CS/CU-E9MKD• CS/CU-E12MKD• CS/CU-E15MKD• CS/CU-E18MKD• CS/CU-E24MKD• CS/CU-E28MKDThis range also includes:• air conditioner Panasonic CS-E7PKDW• air conditioner Panasonic CS/CU-E9PKDW• air conditioner Panasonic CS-E12PKDW Panasonic inverter air conditioner series “Flagship” Inverter air conditioner “Panasonic Flagship” is an intelligent wall-mounted split-system operating on cooling and heating. Air conditioning Panasonic Flagship also has a low noise level, high performance and most user-friendly, creating a comfortable environment in the house, apartment, etc. Panasonic inverter air conditioning series “Flagship” equipped with special sensors of human movement – the double activity of Heat sensors that allow maximum use of the capabilities of split-systems exactly in those places where there are people. So the energy spent on maintenance of empty zones. And with the sunlight sensor to adjust the level of cooling capacity in accordance with the intensity of the solar flux. Upon cooling saves up to 30% of electricity, and for heating to 40%.Air conditioners with inverter this series is also equipped with dual-mode timer and system e-ion APS or nanoe-G air purification in the room, which disinfects harmful viruses and bacteria and removes unpleasant odors and dangerous fumes. Therefore, this option inverter air conditioner is perfect for children’s rooms and spaces, inhabited by people suffering from allergies and lung diseases. The option to use the remote control to the air-conditioners Panasonic.


On the official website you can see all the options infrared remote control. Inverter air conditioner Panasonic Flagship also has the following modes:• Quiet mode (silent)• Auto mode• Mode Soft Dry• The Powerful mode (increasing the power of the air stream) and functions such as self-test and Hot Start For split systems with inverter this series is part of CS/CU-HE9NKD and CS/CU-HE12NKD, which can operate when the outside temperature to -15 deg. C.