However, the top creative and technology professionals Panasonic can be called the air-conditioners CS-XE series Super Deluxe Like all inverters, split system Super Deluxe (model CS-XE9 JKDW, CS-XE12JKDW, CS-XE18JKDW, CS-XE24JKDW) are designed to save energy and create a comfortable climate, smoothly changing the temperature. One should add here that all models of the CS-XE EE belong to the upper class A. But the concept of “comfortable climate” is not limited to optimal temperature characteristics. The air must be not only fresh, but also clean. Experts Panasonic took care of that, improving in air conditioners CS-XE system cleaning and diagnostics of air.

Updated sensor the Patrol Sensor monitors the purity of the air and alerts the user about its status 24 hours a day using colour LEDs. As soon as the air becomes dirtier the set of values, automatically starts the cleaning system. The principle of operation of the system based on the force of attraction between negatively charged dust particles and positively charged Mega-filter e-ion that covers the entire surface of the heat exchanger. Active e-ions are generated by the system, impart a negative charge to the dust particles, and Mega-filter attracts them. The conditioner not only catch the dust, but also eliminates 99% of harmful viruses, bacteria and mold spores. For more comfort cooling, new models Panasonic is equipped with a large cross flow fan with improved design. The large diameter of the fan significantly increases airflow, which quickly cools the room to the desired temperature. Since the air flow covers a wide area, the room temperature is distributed evenly, eliminating drafts and “stagnant” zones. It is worth noting that in air conditioners Panasonic CS-XE no need to constantly set the modes manually. For this purpose there is a function to automatically switch modes. In addition, automatic remote restart will allow you to be sure that in case of interruptions in the mains supply after removing the system safely resume their work. Air-conditioned Deluxe and Super Deluxe feature Mild Dry, which maintains humidity 10% more than conventional cooling. This prevents dryness in the eyes, and unpleasant sensations in the throat. It’s no secret that the choice of household appliances, we always think about how it will fit into the interior of the room. Split-system Panasonic CS-XE will not only create a comfortable climate, but, without exaggeration, will decorate any room, because the design of air conditioning series Deluxe and Super Deluxe – another innovation from Panasonic. Smoothly curved shape of the case resembles the sail of a yacht in the wind. It symbolizes a light breeze created by the air conditioning. By the way, the case has a smooth surface without holes vozduhoob menu lattice, so easy to care for him. Experts have worked on shape sensor Sensor Patrol, which is in perfect harmony with the design of the main unit.


As with any home appliances, from air conditioning we are waiting for reliable operation for many years. In split systems Panasonic compressor has a five-year warranty, which once again confirms the seriousness of Panasonic to its customers. However, when it comes to comfort and safety in the house, the other approach simply can not be.