How to use the remote control unit Infrared remote control air conditioning Infrared remote controls transmit control signals to the air through radiation. Infrared panels are used in wall, duct, wall and ceiling, cassette split systems. These remote controls are easy to use, but there are restrictions on their use. The range of infrared remote control up to 8 meters, bright light can interfere. If several air conditioners in the same space or there are transparent partitions, the control signal from one remote can conceive the air conditioning in your area.

In many models of air conditioners in the remote control there is a self-diagnosis function. If the air conditioner is faulty, the light-indicators on the indoor units can be considered error codes. Wired control panels air conditioning Wired remote controls transmit control signals to the conditioning on the wire. Used in wall, duct, wall and ceiling, cassette split systems. Wired remotes allow you to broadcast control signals to longer distances than infrared, but require installation. Wired remote can also perform a diagnostic function. Using a wired remote control you can control the air conditioning group. Wired remote control can be equipped with a temperature sensor that enables optimal performance of air conditioning system (temperature measurements of the air in the room and at the entrance to the evaporator of the indoor unit).Basic commands transmitted from the remote control: Commands from the remote control correspond to the basic functions of the air conditioner: HEAT – air conditioner in the heating mode, COOL – the air conditioner in the cooling mode.DRY – the dry mode of the premises. In the DRY there is an intensive condensation of moisture on the indoor unit heat exchanger, resulting in lower humidity. This mode is identical to mode COOL, but with a reduced impeller speed of the indoor unit. Not all manufacturers provide humidity control in the conditioned space during DRY. The function of maintaining the optimal humidity put, for example, in air conditioners DAIKIN.FAN – fan mode. This mode does not provide for cooling, heating or dehumidifying spaces, but in this mode the air is filtered. Typically, most air conditioners have the ability to select 3 speeds of rotation of the impeller of the indoor unit. The 4 speed used in the AUTO mode. In this mode, the split system automatically sets the optimal speed.


AUTO – mode, which lets you automatically maintain a comfortable temperature. In this mode, the automation periodically compares three parameters: the temperature of the cooled air stream, the temperature of the incoming air flow and the set temperature. According to the analysis of automation issues the required control signals. SLEEP – mode, allowing providing a comfortable temperature during sleep. During the set time the air conditioner runs according to certain algorithms to make the temperature comfortable by the time of awakening. In COOL mode the temperature gradually increases, in the mode of HEAT gradually decreases. SWING – mode shutters. Blinds are constantly changing the airflow direction or fixed in a certain direction. The rules of operation of remote control air-conditioning Always replace both batteries. The period of effective work of high quality batteries is approximately 1 year. To increase the shelf life of the batteries remove them from the remote control in the event of prolonged absence from work.