Have you ever wondered why sea breeze is perceived as cool? – When hot air moves over the sea, the sea water absorbs heat from air and evaporates, the air cools and becomes a cooling breeze. Or another question: What do You feel the body, when you step out of the sea to the shore after a swim on a hot day, when the temperature of the water reaches 27 degrees Celsius and the temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius? Of course cool.

Why? Because water and air are warm enough?! And, it would seem, there should be no feeling of coolness. The principle is the same – When hot wind sweeps over the skin of Your body, abundantly moistened with sea water, the water evaporates, and, as a result, the skin feels cool, which occurs as a result of water evaporation. Swamp coolers “NewAir” just a natural repeat this process in the form of air handling systems. Water saturates a special, water-soaked filters. Then hot air is passed through these filters with the powerful cylindrical dryer and is cooled through evaporation of water. Thus, in contrast to the artificially cooled air to all other air conditioning systems, and in particular, compressor type, Swamp coolers “NewAir” served in the room is constant flow of naturally cooled fresh air. 2. HOW MANY SWAMP COOLERS CONSUME ELECTRICITY? The power consumption depends on the power of electric motors coolers, and ranges in household of nature from 50 to 215 watts/hour at, respectively, the capacity of the coolers from 500 to 1500 cubic meters of cooled air per hour. In models of industrial-commercial consumption of electricity varies from 0.75 to 2 kW/h, capacity of the coolers from 60 to 11,000 cubic meters of cooled air per hour. In general, the energy consumption of our coolers is only 15-20% of the electricity consumption all other types of air conditioning. In this respect, they are unique in the world. 3. HOW MUCH WATER CONSUME SWAMP COOLERS? The consumption of water always depends on relative humidity of outside air during the day, the outdoor temperature and the speed of rotation of the dryer cooler. For stationary coolers that connect to the water network and have a constant supply of water, consumption of water on a hot day is from 13 to 48 liters of water per hour depending on the capacity of the cooler. Household model of swamp coolers “NewAir” at maximum power use 10-15 liters for 6-8 hours of work (per day, per shift). The lower the outdoor temperature, the less water consumption, which in General can be reduced to zero when the cooler in fan only mode.


It should be noted that part of the water flows with the cooled air into the room (humidified air) and the rest is discharged from the cooler through special device in order to limit the accumulation in the tank of the cooler and tracing salts that are present in water in dissolved form and are deposited on the walls of the water tank, the water pump and filters.