Yes, increase. The humidity increases slightly, but this increase is usually not noticeable, if You follow our recommendations and leave window and door openings are some open (for household, enough to open a window or door for 15 cm). If that’s not enough for industrial devices requires the installation of additional exhaust ventilation. Overall, for every 1,000 cubic meters, entering the room through the air cooled chillers, you must have 0, 8 square meters or exhaust openings required to install adequate exhaust ventilation. Should observe a simple rule – how much air filed into the room through the cooler, the same amount must be ejected from the room through openings, where they are not enough, and using additional exhaust fans.


When installing the apparatus and adhering to the basic rules: how much air entered the room through the coolers in the room, the same should be thrown out of the room, the humidity will increase slightly at first and then stabilizes. In all cases it will not exceed the desired normal level for a man of 50-65%. If you are installing devices require humidity control, it is possible to install the humidity sensors (electricians know this very well), or to regulate the humidity almost decreasing or increasing the extraction of air from the room by decreasing or increasing the rotation speed of the exhaust fans or closing/opening natural hoods (windows, doors and other openings). The treatment of air by evaporative cooling is a natural process. The air at a certain temperature will not be able to absorb more moisture (humidity) than he can. Normal humidity range for people, animals and plants, as well as furniture and so on is in the range of 45-65%. But for many occasions and need high humidity. As, for example, in textile, carpet industry, tobacco industry and so on. Comfort is created not only by decreasing temperature but also to a corresponding humidity, fresh air (the coefficient of changes in the indoor air) and clean air.

For example, for car dealers it is better to install devices with associated electronics that automatically adjusts the necessary parameters. If you install a humidity of 60%, the electronics unit and the wall control panel will automatically adjust the rotation of the fan blades, increasing or reducing the amount of air supply into the room, with the help of which and will be governed by the level of humidity.