To ensure the heating and hot water in a large private mansion, located in the parish of Saint-Sauveur (Jersey, Channel Islands), were chosen for heat pumps Panasonic Aquarea. The transition from the old and expensive liquid-fuel heating system provided property owners significant cost savings.


In 2014 the company Plumbing&Heating Services (PHS) Limited, was tasked to replace the existing heating system and to propose a new energy-efficient solution for large object in the parish of St-Sauveur. In a mansion with five bedrooms, three living rooms, three bathrooms, adjacent Chalet space for doing business, needed a system that could solve fairly complex engineering problems. The previous heating system was a liquid-fuel boiler. Unfortunately, this equipment was inefficient, noisy; take up much space and because of the chimney, passing through the inside of the mansion, the room had condensation and damp. Home owners looking for a compact quiet system that would efficiently heat the entire home and outbuildings, as well as provide energy savings and heating costs. Given the large area of the object, specialists of the company PHS was looking for highly efficient and reliable solution which would satisfy the requirements of the clients. In addition, to ensure a minimum of disruption to family life and the work of the office, the designers proposed to use the existing radiators and hot water system. As a result, it was decided to install two air source heat pumps Panasonic Aquarea 12kW capacity each. At first, to release space and to prevent pollution of the territory, assemblers dismantled the copper and the big reservoir for liquid fuel located in one of outdoor constructions. Then both Aquarea thermal pumps were installed in the convenient place adjacent to garage. According to Allan Lawson, the CEO of PHS, the client remained is happy that, how silent and effective were Panasonic thermal pumps. In only one year the house owner received 100% of economy on payment of accounts for liquid fuel and noticeable drop of operational costs. In the past experts of PHS already repeatedly installed thermal pumps of the Aquarea series and consider this decision one of the fast and effective. As a rule, house owners are completely satisfied with the received results and the reached economy.

Air Panasonic 12kW thermal pumps enter a popular line of Aquarea. Models of the Panasonic Aquarea series have impressive effectiveness ratio (COP=5,08) and are one of the most compact, multiple-purpose, silent and economically effective devices presented in the British market. The ruler turns on the thermal pumps with power from 3 to 16 kW allowing saving to 100% of expenses on heating. Besides, thermal pumps of the Panasonic Aquarea series corresponds requirements of the British state program of Green Deal for support of replacement of the heating equipment with the power effective devices using renew ables. How does the Panasonic Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump Work? Web/Smartphone Controls work with mini-split heat pumps.