Panasonic air conditioners are only advanced technologies of production, constantly modernized lines of a product, energy efficiency and reliability. New quality of life to you will be presented by wall Panasonic air conditioners. Wall Panasonic air conditioners are presented by a model range of air conditioners the standard class (Standart), a business class (Deluxe) and the latest invertor air conditioners with a large number of additional functions (model of the classes Hi-End Deluxe, Hi-End Deluxe Wide, Slim, Super Deluxe and Hi-End Flagship with the O2Air oxygen generator).

The new coolants used in wall air conditioners and Panasonic Split systems allow to provide high efficiency without causing damage to environment. The new stylish design is an embodiment of modern ideas of beauty, ergonomics and elegance of household appliances. The removable front panel of Panasonic air conditioners facilitates their external cleaning, and the heat exchanger design with a double bend gives it high efficiency at compactness of the sizes. The new decision applied in a fan design allows achieving a powerful air flow at preservation of ultralow noise level. The invertor Panasonic air conditioners equipped with the modern steering PFC inverter allowing correcting power factor provide a minimum level of energy consumption and increase the maximum power. Heart of each invertor Panasonic air conditioner is the innovative E-scroll compressor which is recognized as the most compact and highly effective in the world today. Uninterrupted, equal and almost silent operation of this compressor allows achieving the maximum productivity at the most low level of noise and energy consumption. Invertor Panasonic air conditioners have energy consumption coefficient (EER) equal to value 4,59. It several times exceeds the level demanded for the equipment A of a class on energy consumption. At production of a remote control natural luminescent material is used. Thanks to it, buttons of the panel have continuous illumination, without spending thus a charge of batteries. The budgetary ruler a Split system of Panasonic Stand art is presented both invertor, and not invertor by options. It becomes easier to buy the air conditioner, but despite some simplification of a design, all main functions are present at these models in full.


Panasonic air conditioners of the Deluxe series proved from the best party. The elegant design, reliability and variety of functions, the most modern system of purification of E-ion APS air, the sensor (Patrol sensor) and the ionizer of air independently watch purity of air, supporting her at the necessary level. Despite their wide circulation and long-term term of operation, only isolated cases of an exit of Panasonic air conditioners out of operation are recorded. Wall Panasonic air conditioners are modern innovations for creation of favorable climate in your house and office. How to Install a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner – This Old House This small Cape pad shows you can go big on style on a budget.