Additional modes include dehumidification, air conditioning lowers the humidity in the room. Useful in rainy weather and in humid climate. Please note whether you can change the settings of sorostitute fan. High speed it is advisable to ascertain if the room you want to quickly create a comfortable temperature. In the window air conditioners usually 2-3 speed. The ability to adjust the air flow direction is special movable louvers. This feature provides uniform heating or cooling.


The sleep mode saves energy and provides a comfortable environment for sleep, in a special way by adjusting the temperature inside the room. The alarm timer air conditioning stops working. Self-diagnosis function allows the air conditioner to control the correct operation of the unit and to display information about the faults. Among window air conditioners this function is rare. Rarely found in this class and the system that prevent the formation of ice. Low temperatures help to icing of the external construction details. If you have a special system auto response. It may be helpful sucittam used refrigerant working substance through which air may affect nakliyat in the room. R22 is a refrigerant with low ozone-depleting properties. More modern is the R410A, it certainly does not harm the ozone layer and saves energy. Almost all air conditioners produce a primary air cleaning, but some models have filters that allows the fine purification from microorganisms, pollen and dust particles. Please note that these filters must be changed, term of service from six months to two years. Other options that deserve your attention: capacity (maximum air flow at window air conditioners in the range of 180-350 cubic feet/min), the range of supported temperatures, noise levels, cooling capacity and heating capacity. Pull-out chassis for easier care and maintenance of the air conditioner. The cost of modern window air conditioners varies from 120 to 560 dollars. The sequence of installation of window air conditioner Installation of air conditioning will not create problems in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Prepare a rectangular hole, 1/5-2/5 inch greater than the dimensions of the air conditioner. Select the device where it will be minimally impacted sediments. Make sure the distance between the top panel of the air conditioner and the ceiling was at least 8 inches. The outdoor heat exchanger must have at least half a meter of free space, and side blind – not less than 16 inches. Should not be obstacles for access of air to the outer holes, they need to be outdoors. Most window air conditioner is mounted through the frame with a slope made of angle steel flange width of the order of 1 1/5 – 1 3/5 inches. The frame needs to be strengthened in such a position that the outer part of the air conditioner was located below on the inner part 1/5-2/5 inch . For protection from rain and sunlight visor mounted. Air conditioning is installed in the frame, and the gaps are sealed with foam. If the model is equipped with a removable body, frame not needed. Install the sleeve into the opening, place the air conditioning.

Aggregates with low power can be connected via a standard electrical outlet. Food powerful models, it is desirable to connect with the help of professionals, using a separate transaction. In General, to install a window air conditioner is easy, the main thing is to avoid bias and to firmly secure it in order to avoid additional noise.