Window air conditioner: from selection to installation Window air conditioner: nature and characteristics Window air conditioner features one-piece compact design and is ideal for cases in which the installation of the outdoor unit is difficult. As the suggests, the installation of this unit is made in the window opening, and if the size exceeds the window size, you can put it in a thin wall.

This is one of the most popular varieties of air conditioner units that has a good advantage over the rest. The main advantage of a window air conditioner is an affordable price. It is also worth noting the ease of installation that allows the user to independently establish this design. Window air conditioner provides excellent ventilation of the room, making the air intake from the street. Of course, there are the characteristics in which he loses expensive climatic systems – higher noise level, a slight decrease in ambient light due to the installation conditions. However, in the context of “price-quality” is the best choice for those who do not want to spend large funds for the purchase of the air conditioner. In addition, this option is well suited for industrial premises, government agencies, trade pavilions. How to choose the right window air conditioner? Selection of window air conditioners can satisfy almost any requirement for their class. Simple models have only the function of cooling, the higher level plant capable of heating the room and have a remote control. Additionally, these air conditioners can be equipped with timer and display and to be protected from misuse. Before buying an air conditioner measure the width of the window, not to be mistaken with the size of the unit. It is more convenient to think of this moment than to experience difficulty with the installation of the wall in the future. Monsterologist modern window air conditioners ranges from one half to gesticulate. The choice of capacity of the air conditioner produced in accordance with the size of the premises and required functions. Manufacturers specify serviced air-conditioned area, therefore, be determined with this parameter will not be difficult. Air conditioning mode heating vary according to the type of the heating device. It may be a heat pump or electric heating element. Of course, the heat pump is more economical in terms of electricity consumption.


Automatic mode allows the air conditioner to maintain a user-defined temperature. Installation independently alternates between the modes changes the direction of the air flow accelerates the rotation of the blades of the fan depending on the temperature in the room and outside. Most models allow you to configure this mode, but in some preset parameter (typically +70 degrees F) cannot be changed. Convenient auto restart. In the event of a power failure the unit retains the previous settings. Some models are provided coal deodorizing filter. It allows you to clear the air of cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors.