Panasonic manufactures air conditioners since 1957. Over the years she has become one of the world leaders in this field. And not by accident. In air conditioners Panasonic combines good quality and relatively affordable price, reliability and the latest developments, ease of control and versatility. In each model range of air conditioners Panasonic has a zest that makes this unique conditioning. From series to series, the company improves technical characteristics of split systems, adds new features, improves technologies, and thus increases the possibilities of choice that always pleases the buyer.


Perhaps the most significant advantage of all of Panasonic air-conditioners series from standard to Super Deluxe is the inverter technology used in these air conditioners. Caring about the environment, Panasonic pays a lot of attention to the improvement of energy-saving technologies, including household appliances. Thus, the company contributes to the conservation of our planet. For specialists and experienced in modern technology men inverter technology associated with energy savings. The fact that the inverter air conditioner cooled the air to a predetermined temperature, begins to operate at a minimum capacity. As a result, the electricity consumption is reduced. For example, in models of Panasonic CS-XE saving up to 50%. Another Association that arise at the mention of inverter technology, high level of comfort. The system monitors the engine speed and the air conditioning regulates output. The benefits are obvious. First, inverter air conditioners are able at the right time to generate more power, that is, if necessary in the room quickly established a comfortable temperature. Secondly, due to the fact that the system accurately tracks temperature changes and adjusts the power, these air conditioners not only to quickly create the desired temperature, but definitely support it. By the way, the power range of inverters Panasonic – 0.8 to 6.7 kW. To achieve such quantities are managed using original technology Hyper wave inverter and e-scroll compressor. Finally, another advantage of inverters is quiet: without the annoying clicks of the switching characteristic of reinventing models, the air conditioning becomes so quiet that one might forget about him. If we talk about the features of different series, Panasonic air conditioners model series standard not only cool, but also filter SUPER alleru-buster health care. Filter provides triple protection air: neutralizes allergens, kills viruses and destroys bacteria. Moreover, the service life of the filter reaches 10 years. Really feel comfort helps the soft mode dehumidification Soft Dry.

When the air cools, the air conditioner on low speed compressor starts continuously to blow in the room weak air flow that keeps air dryness and does not change the temperature. Paradise atmosphere creates mode and the cool breeze Soft Breeze: from time to time, swaying up and down, the louvers of the air conditioner to form a light airy wave, similar to a sea breeze. Silent mode Quiet reduces the noise level by 3 dB, so the air conditioning does not stop even in the bedroom or nursery. The model number Super Slim to the already described functions, added ionic air freshener. It is known that after a summer rain or waterfalls, breathe freer and more enjoyable. It’s all in negative ions, which filled the air in these places. Inverter air conditioners Super Slim can generate negative ions, so the room is as fresh as after a may storm.