First of all, speaking of air conditioners from Panasonic, should release such their quality as reliability. This quality is currently often is the main requirement for this type of equipment. In addition to reliability, the company Panasonic offers its customers a huge number of models of HVAC equipment, which has a variety of functions ranging from heating and air to respect. And so, many models of air conditioners Panasonic have a feature called ionization of the air. Thanks to her, in the cooled air flow are formed negatively charged particles, which give it a special freshness and give a feeling of cheerfulness.

On the other hand, don’t forget about the catechin filter, mounted air conditioners of this brand. This filter neutralizes the microorganisms, such as viruses. It is known that they are the reason for the spread of many diseases, and installation of air conditioning Panasonic catechin filter will become a protective barrier for office and home. It is worth noting that he also has a fairly long life. Another problem that successfully manages Panasonic air-conditioners, it smells. I.e. in the idle condition, this equipment does not circulate odors like some other manufacturers. It is worth to highlight the inverter control equipment from this manufacturer, which optimizes the power consumption. Which in turn contributes to a more economical mode of power consumption and thus saves money. For maximum low noise, Panasonic equips its conditioning special sound insulating materials. Therefore, Panasonic air-conditioners can be installed even in the bedroom, as they quite quietly. Caring about the comfort of its customers, Panasonic air conditioners have a mode “Powerful”, which allows for a very short time to rapidly lower the temperature in the room. In addition, remote control of these air conditioners has a glow button that allows you to quickly and accurately set the required mode is not even turning on a light in the dark. Do not worry that this innovation will be to expend energy in the RC, since it is provided through the use of luminescent material. For more comfortable maintenance of air conditioners Panasonic, they are equipped with self-check function, which allows after checking identifying the error code. In this regard, quickly identified the fault and corrected. In addition there is a standby mode, which is a must for our climate. I.e. it is supported by the operating condition of the compressor during long idle equipment in the cold season.


As a result, we can conclude that the Panasonic brand air conditioners have many features. On the one hand, they have a huge variety of functions that make our lives not only more convenient, but also cares about us. On the other hand, the combination of high reliability …

If You don’t want to read a lot about all the advantages, latest developments of air conditioning systems Panasonic, briefly: Panasonic air-conditioners – reliable, high-quality, high-tech air conditioning, leading in many ways in the industry that will serve You faithfully for more than ten years! Well, now read more… Company Panasonic was founded in 1915 in Japan. However, the same brand was only established in 1955.


It was intended for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Since its Foundation, Panasonic has continually evolved and today has become one of the largest corporations in the world. Panasonic makes the lives of millions of people more comfortable Factories of Panasonic are located in major cities around the world. This manufacturer is extremely important that its production was always a few steps ahead of competitors ‘ products. That’s why production is constantly introducing new technology and more modern equipment. Also Panasonic really care about their reputation. The brand wants not only to profit, but to make the lives of their customers simpler and more comfortable. This is the main mission of Panasonic. HVAC equipment from this manufacturer is made under the strictest control. For Assembly of air-conditioners are used only the most reliable and high quality components. So they are on average 3-4 years longer than the split-system of other brands. Not one device from Panasonic may not roll off the production line until then, until after some tests. On sale which means those air conditioners who managed to cope with all the challenges. Panasonic air-conditioners – use in everyday life The main advantages of Panasonic air-conditioners are functionality, reliability, efficiency and stylish design. They will be able not only to cool but also to heat the air in any room. The split systems Panasonic consume much less energy and easily fit into the interior. Preferring Panasonic air conditioning, you invest in your own comfort and get the ability to control the weather in his house.

Today millions of people use equipment from this manufacturer. You can watch the conditioners of this brand in residential homes, apartments, public institutions, banks and offices. They are easy to use, practical and can cope with any task. Every manufacturer of HVAC equipment has its own distinctive features, designed to highlight its products among the total number of goods and technology. Here and Panasonic air-conditioners have a set of distinctive qualities that makes this brand leading company.…

Panasonic air conditioners are only advanced technologies of production, constantly modernized lines of a product, energy efficiency and reliability. New quality of life to you will be presented by wall Panasonic air conditioners. Wall Panasonic air conditioners are presented by a model range of air conditioners the standard class (Standart), a business class (Deluxe) and the latest invertor air conditioners with a large number of additional functions (model of the classes Hi-End Deluxe, Hi-End Deluxe Wide, Slim, Super Deluxe and Hi-End Flagship with the O2Air oxygen generator).

The new coolants used in wall air conditioners and Panasonic Split systems allow to provide high efficiency without causing damage to environment. The new stylish design is an embodiment of modern ideas of beauty, ergonomics and elegance of household appliances. The removable front panel of Panasonic air conditioners facilitates their external cleaning, and the heat exchanger design with a double bend gives it high efficiency at compactness of the sizes. The new decision applied in a fan design allows achieving a powerful air flow at preservation of ultralow noise level. The invertor Panasonic air conditioners equipped with the modern steering PFC inverter allowing correcting power factor provide a minimum level of energy consumption and increase the maximum power. Heart of each invertor Panasonic air conditioner is the innovative E-scroll compressor which is recognized as the most compact and highly effective in the world today. Uninterrupted, equal and almost silent operation of this compressor allows achieving the maximum productivity at the most low level of noise and energy consumption. Invertor Panasonic air conditioners have energy consumption coefficient (EER) equal to value 4,59. It several times exceeds the level demanded for the equipment A of a class on energy consumption. At production of a remote control natural luminescent material is used. Thanks to it, buttons of the panel have continuous illumination, without spending thus a charge of batteries. The budgetary ruler a Split system of Panasonic Stand art is presented both invertor, and not invertor by options. It becomes easier to buy the air conditioner, but despite some simplification of a design, all main functions are present at these models in full.


Panasonic air conditioners of the Deluxe series proved from the best party. The elegant design, reliability and variety of functions, the most modern system of purification of E-ion APS air, the sensor (Patrol sensor) and the ionizer of air independently watch purity of air, supporting her at the necessary level. Despite their wide circulation and long-term term of operation, only isolated cases of an exit of Panasonic air conditioners out of operation are recorded. Wall Panasonic air conditioners are modern innovations for creation of favorable climate in your house and office. How to …

Additional modes include dehumidification, air conditioning lowers the humidity in the room. Useful in rainy weather and in humid climate. Please note whether you can change the settings of sorostitute fan. High speed it is advisable to ascertain if the room you want to quickly create a comfortable temperature. In the window air conditioners usually 2-3 speed. The ability to adjust the air flow direction is special movable louvers. This feature provides uniform heating or cooling.


The sleep mode saves energy and provides a comfortable environment for sleep, in a special way by adjusting the temperature inside the room. The alarm timer air conditioning stops working. Self-diagnosis function allows the air conditioner to control the correct operation of the unit and to display information about the faults. Among window air conditioners this function is rare. Rarely found in this class and the system that prevent the formation of ice. Low temperatures help to icing of the external construction details. If you have a special system auto response. It may be helpful sucittam used refrigerant working substance through which air may affect nakliyat in the room. R22 is a refrigerant with low ozone-depleting properties. More modern is the R410A, it certainly does not harm the ozone layer and saves energy. Almost all air conditioners produce a primary air cleaning, but some models have filters that allows the fine purification from microorganisms, pollen and dust particles. Please note that these filters must be changed, term of service from six months to two years. Other options that deserve your attention: capacity (maximum air flow at window air conditioners in the range of 180-350 cubic feet/min), the range of supported temperatures, noise levels, cooling capacity and heating capacity. Pull-out chassis for easier care and maintenance of the air conditioner. The cost of modern window air conditioners varies from 120 to 560 dollars. The sequence of installation of window air conditioner Installation of air conditioning will not create problems in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Prepare a rectangular hole, 1/5-2/5 inch greater than the dimensions of the air conditioner. Select the device where it will be minimally impacted sediments. Make sure the distance between the top panel of the air conditioner and the ceiling was at least 8 inches. The outdoor heat exchanger must have at least half a meter of free space, and side blind – not less than 16 inches. Should not be obstacles for access of air to the outer holes, they need to be outdoors. Most window air conditioner is mounted through the frame with a slope made of angle steel flange width of the order of 1 1/5 – 1 3/5 inches. The frame needs to be strengthened in such …

Window air conditioner: from selection to installation Window air conditioner: nature and characteristics Window air conditioner features one-piece compact design and is ideal for cases in which the installation of the outdoor unit is difficult. As the suggests, the installation of this unit is made in the window opening, and if the size exceeds the window size, you can put it in a thin wall.

This is one of the most popular varieties of air conditioner units that has a good advantage over the rest. The main advantage of a window air conditioner is an affordable price. It is also worth noting the ease of installation that allows the user to independently establish this design. Window air conditioner provides excellent ventilation of the room, making the air intake from the street. Of course, there are the characteristics in which he loses expensive climatic systems – higher noise level, a slight decrease in ambient light due to the installation conditions. However, in the context of “price-quality” is the best choice for those who do not want to spend large funds for the purchase of the air conditioner. In addition, this option is well suited for industrial premises, government agencies, trade pavilions. How to choose the right window air conditioner? Selection of window air conditioners can satisfy almost any requirement for their class. Simple models have only the function of cooling, the higher level plant capable of heating the room and have a remote control. Additionally, these air conditioners can be equipped with timer and display and to be protected from misuse. Before buying an air conditioner measure the width of the window, not to be mistaken with the size of the unit. It is more convenient to think of this moment than to experience difficulty with the installation of the wall in the future. Monsterologist modern window air conditioners ranges from one half to gesticulate. The choice of capacity of the air conditioner produced in accordance with the size of the premises and required functions. Manufacturers specify serviced air-conditioned area, therefore, be determined with this parameter will not be difficult. Air conditioning mode heating vary according to the type of the heating device. It may be a heat pump or electric heating element. Of course, the heat pump is more economical in terms of electricity consumption.


Automatic mode allows the air conditioner to maintain a user-defined temperature. Installation independently alternates between the modes changes the direction of the air flow accelerates the rotation of the blades of the fan depending on the temperature in the room and outside. Most models allow you to configure this mode, but in some preset parameter (typically +70 degrees F) cannot be changed. Convenient auto restart. …

With the clients who you work for and product vendors that you work with to complete a design. Tools that we use every day are usually software based. You are on a laptop, you are on a computer, you’re running simulations of energy performance or you’re running load calculations to determine how much energy the building is going to take to keep it at 72 or 74 degrees. You put in the physical parameters of the building, the geometry, the windows, and the roof. You make assumptions or get information on the people, the lighting, the equipment, and how long the building is going to be used.


The other tools we use are usually like handheld temperature and humidity devices, pressure gauges, pressure devices. We go out to the field and measure pressure, temperature, and humidity. Being an HVAC Engineer in Minnesota, you’re exposed to so many different temperature and humidity extremes. It’s different than being an engineer for instance in California where it is usually 72 degrees all the time. You don’t have nearly the temperature difference between the inside and outside whereas in Minnesota you have to design for a 100 degree day with a 50 relative humidity versus minus 16 with zero humidity. A large percentage of the energy that is consumed in the United States goes to heating and cooling buildings fans, pumps, air handling units, cooling towers, chillers. All of this stuff takes energy and it is all just for occupant comfort or safety of the occupants. As a designer engineer, as a mechanical engineer in that industry, you have a tremendous opportunity to be able to reduce that energy consumption. One common misconception is that people who have an aptitude for this are good with numbers, they like numbers and all they want to do is work with numbers. The reality is you do work with numbers every day but just as important to that is your interpersonal and communication skills. Communication skills are extremely important in that you are always trying to communicate with owners, with vendors, with coworkers, try to help them understand your idea is, try to understand what their ideas are. We have to get it right the first time. We don’t have the opportunity to build a sample building and see how it is going to work. We’ve got to get it right on paper and get it right the first time. That honestly doesn’t always happen exactly the way you plan.

so you have got to be able to think on your feet and make adjustments to the system during construction or even after construction. You should have an aptitude for how things work and I have talked …